Revitalize with IV Therapy

Experience revitalization at the cellular level with our specialized IV Therapy. It’s a personalized wellness boost, delivering vital nutrients directly to your bloodstream.

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Revitalize with IV Therapy

Experience revitalization at the cellular level with our specialized IV Therapy. It’s a personalized wellness boost, delivering vital nutrients directly to your bloodstream.

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Energize Your Life Instantly

Feeling a Bit Off?

Your body might be yearning for vital nutrients that are essential for energy and well-being. Boost your vitality with a complex of B vitamins, including B12, to support energy levels. And don’t underestimate the power of hydration—increasing your water intake can enhance oxygen circulation, giving your cells a breath of fresh life.

Clearing the Mental Haze:

If you’re struggling to stay sharp, your liver could be signaling for a little support. Introducing antioxidants like Glutathione into your routine can assist in cleansing your system and clearing that mental clutter.

Immunity Kickstart:

In times when germs and allergens are rampant, an extra shield of protection may be beneficial. Amp up your defense with a robust dose of vitamin C, or consider the sunshine boost of a vitamin D shot to help ward off unwanted sniffles.

Embrace Youthful Vitality:

The luster of your hair, the suppleness of your skin, and the strength of your nails reflect your inner health. Infuse your beauty regime with a blend aimed at rejuvenating from within and keep the hands of time at bay.


Obtain maximum results by receiving all of the vitamins and minerals included in other Liquivida IV drips.

Fountain of Youth

This drip helps detoxify and replenish the body with nutrients that nourish hair, skin, and nails to appear healthier, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

The Executive

This blend of vitamins helps you to enjoy the best life has to offer well after you clock out. You'll feel sharper and clearer, performing daily tasks with precision.

Natural Defense

This immune-boosting Vitamin IV Cocktail incorporates powerful antioxidants to help improve the body’s ability to withstand stress and illnesses.

Rise and Shine

We've all had one of those nights where we've had one or too many cocktails. The Rise & Shine Drip is for these moments and will reinvigorate your mind & body.

Performance Hydration

Increase stamina and energy to perform your best in any physical activity. Increase focus and meet your goals!


Glutathione recycles antioxidants in the body, playing a vital role in the detoxification process. This regenerative antioxidant is so powerful that keep us optimal.


A powerful coenzyme that plays important roles at the cellular level across your body. NAD will improve cognition functions to boosting your mood.

Chelation Therapy

This therapy uses a chelating agent (EDTA) to bond with heavy metals scattered all over your body, eliminating dangerous elements very easy and quickly.


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Start your quest for unmatched health and energy with IV Therapy at Weight Loss Now. Each treatment is a step toward revealing a more vibrant, invigorated you, ready to seize life’s moments with enthusiasm and renewed vigor. Your adventure toward rejuvenation starts here, starts now.

frequently ask questions

IV Therapy is a treatment that delivers nutrients and hydration directly into the bloodstream for immediate absorption and use by the body, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Most IV Therapy sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of infusion and the individual's health needs.

Benefits include rapid hydration, increased energy levels, improved immune response, detoxification, and can also include anti-aging properties and stress relief.

When administered by a qualified healthcare professional, IV Therapy is safe. Our staff includes experienced nurses and physicians who ensure your safety and comfort.

While IV Therapy is not a weight loss solution on its own, certain infusions can support metabolic processes and provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for supporting a healthy weight loss journey.