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Transform Your Health with Precision Analytics

Uncover the full story of your body’s health with our state-of-the-art Evolt 360 body composition scanner. Our advanced system goes beyond traditional scales to provide you with over 40 detailed metrics about your body’s internal makeup in just 60 seconds. This FDA-registered medical device is a game-changer in personal health monitoring, allowing for accurate and non-invasive assessments that empower your wellness journey.



Advanced Metrics for Tailored Health Strategies

With the Evolt 360 scanner, you get more than just weight measurements – you gain a comprehensive understanding of your body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels, and overall bone density. This wealth of information is essential for setting personalized fitness goals and tracking progress, leading to more informed health decisions and better outcomes.

A Modern Approach to Health Tracking

Bio Wellness Index

Evolt’s proprietary Bio Wellness Index (BWI) outshines the outdated BMI by considering crucial factors like skeletal muscle mass, protein, and bone mineral content. A higher BWI score signifies a healthier body composition, guiding you and your health professionals to track and celebrate your achievements in fat loss and muscle gain.

Elevate Your Health and Fitness with Revolutionary Technology
Our services are enhanced by the power of Evolt’s sophisticated analytics. The Evolt Insights Dashboard and the Evolt Active App provide an ecosystem of tools to track your progress, set goals, and stay motivated. They offer a leaderboard format for community challenges, instant data reports for events, and a deep dive into the meaning behind each metric.

From Awareness to Action

Discover the factors that contribute to your wellness, from visceral fat to metabolic age, and take control with actionable insights. Join the community of fitness centers and wellness experts utilizing Evolt 360 to encourage data-driven health improvements and create supportive environments for success.


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frequently ask questions

The Evolt 360 scanner is a cutting-edge tool that uses bioimpedance technology to measure more than 40 different internal body metrics. In a quick, non-invasive 60-second scan, it provides detailed information about your body composition, including fat mass, muscle mass, hydration levels, and bone density. This allows for personalized health and wellness planning.

Evolt 360 is recognized for its accuracy and uses bioimpedance analysis, which is validated in scientific research as a reliable method for body composition assessment. It measures impedance from five different body segments for a comprehensive analysis, providing a more complete picture than traditional BMI measurements or skinfold tests.

Clients with electronic medical implants such as pacemakers should not use the Evolt 360 scanner, as bioimpedance technology sends electrical signals through the body, which may interfere with the function of such devices. It's always best to consult with a healthcare provider before using bioimpedance technology if you have any medical implants.

The frequency of scans can vary depending on your personal goals and fitness plan. Typically, a scan every 4 to 6 weeks can be a good interval for most individuals to track their progress effectively. It allows enough time for changes in body composition to occur and be accurately measured.